Up All Night + How I Became the Sea album art

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i never thought in a million years i’d be here or i’d be allowed to do what i’m most passionate about, ‘cause i’m not good at anything else in this world except for music, so to give me this chance, i can’t thank you enough.

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The visualiser for Wolf Bite

Looks fan-made. Not one of his best music videos.

I don’t think it’s so much that it looks fan made, but that it looks really indie-hipster. I don’t usually dig that far into that genres music videos but it reminds me of Vance Joy a bit. Or Ylvis…

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So I found a picture of Adam that i’ve never seen before..

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It’s another wolf bite
Howling in the moonlight
I wanna get my life right
Will you show me the way tonight?

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adam uploaded this last night and seems to have deleted it

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I fought all through the night
Oh oh, but I made it alive
The sun’s startin’ to rise
Oh oh, these are beautiful times

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Character Song Duet Series 001-004

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